My Fees

For matters in which the costs draftsman’s fee can be included in the bill of costs or claim form I charge on a time basis. My fee is calculated by reference to the relevant prescribed hourly rate for publicly funded matters and the current guideline rate for a Grade D fee earner on non-publicly funded matters.

I welcome feedback on how the bill or claim form performs on assessment. If my fee is significantly reduced I am happy to review it to reflect an amount equivalent to 5% of the profit costs as originally claimed or the assessed fee, whichever is the greater.

Where the costs draftsman’s fee cannot be included in the costs claim (e.g. fixed fee claims), I charge 5% of profit costs as drawn, with a minimum fee of £25.

Perhaps you’re seeking an experienced, reliable costs draftsman to whom you can regularly send your files for costing, or perhaps you’re simply being overwhelmed by an unusual backlog of uncosted files.

Whatever the reason, please contact me to discuss your requirements.